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ORTH’UP premium (2021) crack full modules

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ORTH’UP 5.0r2b (2021) crack full modules
ORTH’UP – Model builder 2021 Fully Ready
ORTH’UP – Treatment planning 2021 Fully Ready
The 3D CAD solution for digital orthodontics

Link download premium version: here

ORTH’UP is an open and flexible solution software for the production of ortodontics clear aligners. It has been design to treat minor to severe malocclusions.

Automated teeth segmentation, 1 click perfect setup, automated base models production are some of the features which make ORTH’UP such a productive and easy to use solution.

The software includes a unique automatized staging of the teeth movements. This, in a way that allows you to adapt the aligner thickness and/or to block a tooth position at any step of the treatment and let you be able to meet your clinicals needs.