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Autolign crack full modules 2021

Autolign crack full modules 2021
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[New Functions]

  • Added function to add Model Superimposition based on scanned model
  • Added function to Occ Check in Reorientation > Mx & Md
  • Added gingival and teeth opacity control slider
  • Added Text label in Modeler > Label
  • Added function to Occ Check in Modeler > Show All Step 3D


    • Improved Software boot when there is no internet connection.
    • Added multiple selection of patient function
    • Added Universal Tooth Numbering System
      (Select FDI/Universal in Settings)
    • Added baseline display function in Create Study Model > Base Design
    • Improved rounded IPR in Setup > IPR > Round
      (Select between Plane/Round option in Settings)
    • Added Movement input function after selecting multiple teeth in Setup > Tooth Adjust
    • Added function to undo/redo in Modeler > Attachment
    • Added function to control width/height in Modeler > Attachment
    • Added short keys for Attachments in Modeler Tab
      (Movement: Arrow UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT, Rotation: CTRL + Arrow LEFT/RIGHT)
    • Added multi-language and special characters in Modeler > Label
      (Korean/Chinese/Japanese/Spanish available in Settings
    • Added superimposition function in Modeler > Superimpose > Next Step/Next Layer
    • Fixed an issue with abnormal union during Union Export
    • Improved Auto Contact in Bracket (Accurate attachment to the tooth surface)
    • Added Delete Bracket in Brackets Tab
    • Improved to display the overlapped amount between tooth and brackets in Brackets Tab
    • Added short keys to control the Plane in Bracket Attachments
      (CTRL + Arrow UP/DOWN)
    • Added confirm message when Reset button is clicked
    • Added Bracket Library

    [Program Bug Fixes]

    • Fixed an issue where undo is intermittently activated twice in Setup
    • Fixed an issue where Report and Information Windows value does not match the amount set by the user in Setup > IPR
    • Fixed an issue where patient name were intermittently broken
    • Fixed an issue where some files do not separate after spline settings in Create Base
    • Fixed an issue where the amount of IPR is not reflected in the Bolton Ratio in Setup > Report
    • Fixed an issue with intermittent gingival morphing