Q: Who Are You and What Are You Doing?
A:  We are rather known team of professional reverse engineers and programmers. Long time we worked underground, but now we made our own web-site to present our services to web-public.
Now we are serving web-public with quality reverse engineering services.

Q: What does “Reverse Engineering Services” means?
A:  It means that we can make your shareware/commercial software work for You, without any restrictions and limitations.
For example, You have a good program, that works only 30 days without registration. And the registration price is too high for You. You can request such program on our web-site, and we’ll make it work forever, without any limitations! And so You can save your money! It’s easy!

Q: I want a full version of my favorite program. Can you help me?
A:  Yes, we can provide You a full/retail version of nearly every program.

Q: Can you remove limitations from commercial web-script?
A:  Yes, We can. Moreover, we can provide You a full/retail version of nearly every Php/Asp/Cgi/Java/Flash/Perl Script.

Q: How To Leave A Request?
A:  It is very easy, just visit our Request Page, fill in small form and submit it. We will contact You in small time. We work with every client individually.
You can also select softwares from our catalog.

Q: How much does your service costs?
A:  The price of our sevice depends on program protection and limitations difficulty. But usually, it costs about only 25-30% from official program price. Anyway, we work with every client individually, so we will tell You our final price by e-mail after your request.

Q: Why so cheap?
A:  We have our own ways to get full versions of different softwares, ebooks and script for rather low price. We have to get it contact with developers and other suppliers to get all that softwares for you. We also already have a large collection of software on our servers.

Q: How long does it take to get a software?
A:  Usually your software is delivered within 12 hours after your payment. However, it can take up to 2 business days to get and deliver software for you. If your software is very expensive and hard to do, it may take much longer, but we discuss such cases personally.

Q: Are softwares working?
A:  All the softwares are brought to you directly by developer, and they will work 100% the same way as original ones.

Q: What Payment methods do you accept?
A:  Currently we accept following payment methods: WesternUnion, MoneyCram, PayPal, Credit Cards and others.

Q: How about money-back?
A:  If You have purchased a software from us, but it doesnt work due to our fault, we will fix it for free, or change to another software You Like, or send your money back to You.

Q: Any discounts?
A:  Yes, we can offer You a ‘Bulk Discount’ (purchasing several softwares at one time). Please contact support for more information.

Q: Am i safe when purchasing with you?
A:  Yes. First of all, your payments are processed using known secure merchants. We DO NOT ever see your important personal information (first and last name, address or credit card numbers).
Also, none of your information (email or nickname) is passed to original software developer. You have nothing to worry about.
Your purchase will be secure and anonymous.